What is Aquarian Age Healing/

Applied BioMechanics?

      If you are curious about what to expect in a session of Applied BioMechanics, here I offer a simple explanation. Below, you will find the writings of Dr. John Hurley, the inventor of this work. Here, I would like to explain the process, as simply as I can, so you will feel comfortable trying this amazing work.

      When you come into the office, I will step outside while you put on a hospital gown.  You will remove all other clothing except for your underwear, which you will leave on. The gown will be open to the back so that I may see the spine.  You will then stand on a T square that is lying on the ground. From the ceiling, I have a plumb line hanging down behind you to give me a perfect straight line that when used in conjunction with the T square, helps me to measure distortion in your body. 

      I have a specialized chart that I use to record my findings, such as how even or uneven the shoulders, hips, knees or where the spine is in relation to where it should be and so on.  All of this helps me to determine the correct contact point to get your body to begin the process of healing itself. When I find the point, I know I am correct because the spine lines up with the plumb line, an indicator that I am definitely on the right track.

      Once we have determined the contact point, specific to your body at that particular point in time, you will lay face down on the table with a cushion under your hips and ankles. When the hips are raised in a face down position, the spine unlocks, creating more room for the body to do what it needs to do.  I will muscle test in between each vertebra, up and down the spine, buttocks and legs to find the areas of strain. After the points are mapped on the body, the room becomes quiet and I begin to simply hold the contact point we found on the plumb line.

      It may seem too simple to work but what happens when I hold the contact point is amazing.  The person on the table begins to breathe much deeper almost as soon as I make contact. There is something about the specific point that puts them in a very relaxed state.  The body, through pressure applied in just the right way, triggers the healing response that our muscles naturally have but are too stressed to kick into gear.  This process begins and I, as the therapist, get to experience this:  I can feel muscles move under the skin, witness bruises changing color and becoming lighter, twitches of limbs as they release and the softening of tight muscles.  What you experience is personal and different from any other.  It could be a feeling of a great sleep. It could be a vivid, very real dream. It could be a feeling of floating with occasional spots of heat or cold washes.

      Whatever experience you have, what you can be sure this work is doing, is helping your body to reverse damage from strain and distortion.   Your session with me is only the beginning of the work to be done. You will feel your body change for days. Old pains, memories and emotions may surface. You will notice a difference in the way you sleep, sit, drive and walk. You will feel your body working to correct itself. That is why I love this work!!!
It is important to me that you understand what the creator of Aquarian Age Healing/Applied BioMechanics, believed, worked for and accomplished in his studies as a Mechanical Engineer and Chiropractor. He developed this work in efforts to facilitate the body's natural healing ability. He knew it shouldn't be forced. These are his actual words. I have chosen this work as my specialty and I believe in the results I have seen. I am passionate about this modality and I feel honored that I have learned and will continue to learn about this amazing work.
In sharing his words with you, I honor his memory, wisdom and motivation to help his fellow Man through healing.

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Aquarian Age Healing Defined

by Dr. John Hurley

Aquarian-Age Healing relates to everything in the Universe. It is the study of distortion, its cause, its effects and the means for its correction, and is the first and only correct use of Newton's law of gravity as the only possible and successful solution to all or any of these problems.

Bio-Mechanics and Bio-Engineering are its already published reductions of principle to accurate statement and technique.

These two phases of Aquarian-Age Healing, in four techniques, through their mathematical accuracy assure immediate improvement in every painful or diseased condition of the human body upon correct application of any of its techniques. Further, it provides a method for the ultimate correction of pain and disease so vastly superior to any past or other still practiced method that it opens an entirely new health horizon.

The Name

The name 'Aquarian-Age Healing' was adopted because it identifies the time in which we live; the long cycle to distinguish the time from the preceding ages of mankind. The name differentiates it from all symptomatic treatment.

Aquarian-Age Healing cannot be lawfully identified by any other name, nor by its science or its art, separately or in combination, except under its general inclusion as part of Aquarian-Age Healing.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of Aquarian-Age Healing, after applying its science and art to all of the affairs of men, yet has limitless reaches in the still unknown immensities of space and time, since it aims at perfection, i.e., immortality.

The Science

The science of Aquarian-Age Healing was finally organised in 1929 by my then clear statement of its principle. It develops as science itself develops. No part of its science can be disputed without at the same time abandoning every part of the general science of the day. Therefore its symbols are the tools of science, but especially the plumb line, the scales, the compass and the square; all for especially measuring distortion: and the camera for facilitating such measurement and recording the betterment that is produced.

The Art

In 1929 the art of Aquarian-Age Healing was already advanced to the point of unfailing betterment in every case. It is now enabled to turn its attention to fundamental correction almost at once. It is still undergoing rapid evolution toward the objective of completely doing the essential thing the first time. In this it has progressed so far that it already stands Man on top of the world, master of his environment, and himself evidencing new and better Creative Powers.

Aquarian-Age Healing Defined

Aquarian-Age Healing is a philosophy, a science and an art which recognises strain as the cause of all abnormality. It is a system particularly designed for the removal of strain and the elimination of resulting distortion from every living process. The whole rests upon, contains and actively uses all natural science to which it itself importantly contributes. It excludes completely all theories, all beliefs and all opinions, while at the same time it opens immense new fields for investigation.

A More Detailed Definition of Aquarian-Age Healing

Aquarian-Age Healing for the first time in history identifies the law of gravity as the fundamental law of the universe; the law under which all forces originate and to which all things, organic and inorganic, must be referred. This work is a mathematically derived procedure for applying this law especially to living processes and particularly to man and his systems.

This work points out that the solution of any problem in mathematics is merely the process of establishing equilibrium, e.g., equal weights on each side of the "equal" signs; that writing of contracts, even including peace treaties, is merely a method of controlling the distribution of values, e.g., the balancing of weights around the equal sign; that even now chemistry and electricity are indistinguishable in their last analysis, and known in their reactions to be the balancing of weights around the equal sign; that the forces of nature, namely thermal, chemical, electrical, mechanical, equally apply to everything in the universe, in the macrocosm and in the microcosm, and Man and his concerns are definitely included, with no escape presented or possible.

No claim is made that Aquarian-Age Healing is complete, fully known or fully capable at present, to bring into realisation all the vastness of the things inherent from the above. Being first introduced to public attention in 1929, it was already importantly developed and has since been further developed to the point where specific techniques, applied to the pain and diseases of humans, are so effective that immediate betterment can be obtained in every case, and in every application of the technique suitable, regardless of age, condition or history. This accuracy and productivity following the application of the law of gravity, that great law of nature, via the use of techniques in the individual, is paralleled in every system known to man.

More particularly it is applied to the body politic when comparable techniques (not yet published) are used to correct the strains and resulting pains and diseases in such organisations.

The Principle Explained

Strain is the damaging result which occurs in any structure when it is loaded beyond its normal range, that is, its "elastic limit." Strain, therefore, causes distortion, which is a measure of such overloading. All distortion is accompanied by pain, which is nature's warning of damage. Men and their systems are distorted.

All strains are, as a mathematical necessity, referred to the centre of gravity of the supporting structure, and therefore, all distortions must be similarly referred to the same point.

Principle as Applied to the Human Body

In the human body this centre of gravity is normally found nearly at the base of the sacrum. This point then becomes the place where the sum total of all distortions sustained by any person can be measured, and from which all true correction must be made.

Distortions in any part of the body are thus merely evidences of strain which can be and should be traced from the point of noticeable distortion to the centre of gravity, or vice versa, throughout the body, and there can be no other conclusion allowed, again as a mathematical necessity.

Lack of symmetry in the body demonstrates the degree of distortion in the bones, joints and tissues and discloses the sum total of strain. The distortion of joints enforces abnormal stretch on one side of each joint; and to maintain equilibrium, enforces a balancing contracture on the opposite side. That is, abnormal amounts of stress, stretch and contracture on opposite sides of each joint in the body are necessary to maintain balance; so much so that if we could relax the musculature which holds our distorted bodies in balance, we could not stand. This extra effort is a continuous and increasing drain on vital reserve.

The joint mechanisms of the body may correctly be regarded as successions of levers, and each and every lever in the body therefore is damaged to some degree by virtue of the fact that only distorted joints are to be found in the average human body. When leverages are thus weakened, it requires greater force to do the required work. Thus we see how such joints and their concomitant damages interfere in numerous ways with normal functioning which is health.

Thus as distortion increases and leverages are weakened, the power required to carry function is increased to and then beyond the supply possibilities of the body, and as this occurs, function becomes abnormal. The cell or the body has lost even the power to perform the physiological work necessary to maintain itself.

Rest is a physiological requirement, and this is the first part of restoration, without which no tissue repair is possible. Without repair, growth is first impeded, then stops and death approaches. Rest cannot be obtained in the requisite degree even in sleep in the presence of distortions of only average severity. Sleep itself becomes impossible if and whenever such muscles under the conditions requiring constant work, produced by the above stretching and contractures, accumulate as they must under the rules of their own physiology, important degrees of acidity (acidosis, toxicity, etc.). Catabolism overbalances anabolism, wasting overbalances growth, and weakness increases more rapidly than power. Pain and disease are followed by degeneration and death.

In this process food (fuel) reserves are destroyed by the excessive work performed. Constant work prohibits the accumulation of new food reserves and hence neither rest nor food requirements are met, while the accumulation of wastes and the abnormal temperatures thus produced complete the destruction of each of the four essentials to health, as will be later noticed again. Though temporary relief from such conditions can be had by many methods, the only correction lies in the elimination of the deeper lying distortions which are themselves caused by strain.


Research laboratories all over the world, following the lead of the Rockefeller Institute, have proved conclusively that the normal cell of living tissue has a power of division which, while it produces a new and similar cell possessed of all the powers of the parent cell, does not in any way decrease the powers retained by the parent. They proved that such division occurs time after time, without any weakening of the parent, and with the same powers possessed by each new cell; that such division even frees the cell of disease processes which have affected the parent, and that such cells show every sign of immortality.

The human body is exclusively made up of just such cells. If all of them can be brought to this same level of function, then it is reasonable to expect such a body to manifest the same capacity. This high level of function so far as the cell is concerned is arrived at by furnishing and maintaining four essentials. They are: optimum conditions in food, temperature, cleanliness and rest. (Note that each of these has just been discussed.)

If any of these requirements are not met, or are met only partially, the cell, previously healthy, shows some sort of disease process, and the only way to restore it is by again bringing the lack up to full requirement. It must be evident that when all authorities agree upon the fact that pain and disease in a human body represent disease in certain cells which go to make up the affected part, then the only hope of curing such disease lies in finding a process which will cure the cell.

This has been attempted by diet, and by various other methods, none of which can be intelligently applied, though sometimes producing favourable change. All previous methods have modified symptoms and therefore some favourable change was effected in the diseased cells which set up the complaint, but no method today except alone Aquarian-Age Healing concerns itself primarily with the body as a whole and each of its cells in detail, nor does any other method teach or even recognise the above requirements, so important in securing even symptomatic betterment.

Every change that can be noticed in cells of the human body undergoing such destructive processes are merely the changes seen in all colloids following their own rules, and making their typical reversion to the crystalloid state. These changes are definitely known, can be seen with the microscope, discovered by thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical test and they are paralleled in the molecular structure of all material things. The changes in the human cells when noticed and grouped are known as pathology which, as here argued, is caused by strain. The changes causing the same result occurring in non-living structures are known to be caused by strain. The changes in muscles due to distortion previously noticed will hence be seen to be an exact parallel with these changes in the cell and in the molecule of all other things from beginning to end and without any point of difference.

Every such crystalloid formed in matter, which must remain colloidal for the preservation of life, is thus a measure of the approach of death, and since this approach is likewise measured by pain and disease, whatever corrects one must of necessity correct the other, i.e., any method which eliminates pain and disease actually reverses the dying process to a healthy and growing process.

Aquarian-Age Healing teaches exactly the principles harmonious with all other science, mechanical leverages, contacts and techniques which will produce relaxation, improve distortion and remove strain from the body every time such scientific effort is employed.

It proves that correction of distortion, and that alone, permits the four essentials to be supplied to the billions of cells which make up the human organism and consequently that health for the first time in history becomes possible. Aquarian-Age Healing represents the first organised attempt ever made to discover; systematise, and to devise methods for meeting the above requirements, or to make a scientific application of the above scientific knowledge, and here the attempt was not brought to public attention until it had already demonstrated its unfailing success.

Aquarian-Age Healing only begins its application, however, when the pains and diseases of the human body are corrected, growth established and some approach to the state of being well is accomplished. After that, as indicated at the opening of this definition, its principles and techniques are applicable and already defined to every concern of man, and to every living process.

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