Aromatherapy... Lunar Lady Style

   I am very excited to share with you the Aromatherapy that I offer in my practice. This might not be what you are used to or even anything you have heard of.  Be that as it may, these principles are the very building blocks that built Lunar Lady.   ~scroll down for essential oil options~

   Do I use essential oils to help smooth sore muscles and to promote healthy changes in the tissues? Yes, but that is NOT all. I believe, as well as many in our very long history, that the essential oils in plants have a frequency, just as everything does.

   The easy way for me to describe what a frequency is, is this: A frequency is how many times an event occurs in a cycle, usually in one second. The energy (atoms) that joined together to make the fascinating and complex structure of every individual plant, has a frequency, or vibration at which the atoms are vibrating in the plant.  In case you didn't know, how dense or light and object is, depends on the rate at which it atoms are vibrating.

   Other things, in fact everything, also has a frequency or vibration.  We do, my desk that I'm working at and the keyboard I type on, all have a vibration or frequency. Plastic isn't a very exciting object, yet made up of atoms, none the less. So, just as we, ourselves, have a frequency, our thoughts do too. Thoughts fire in our minds in a brilliant display of electrical impulses, jumping gaps and connecting neurons to make us FEEL all kinds of things, both good and bad.  In other words, picture this, what you are thinking about, you are creating a frequency or vibration that you are sending out to the cosmos. Wonderfully neat!!! And scary... if you are not a vigilant person...

   If you are familiar with The Law Of Attraction, then you understand the basic scientific principle that states Like Attracts Like. As in similar vibrations or frequencies will be drawn towards each other and opposing frequencies will be repelled.  The simple way that we affect and create our lives lies in the thoughts we hold in our minds, the feelings we feel the majority of the time. Ask yourself... Do I feel happy most of the time or do I feel sad more often than not? If the answer is happy, then you are attracting happy things into your life. If you are feeling sad, angry or discontent, it is scientifically impossible to attract anything good to you.

   "How can I think good thoughts when this bad stuff is all around me?" I won't lie to you. It's not easy. You have to make it a habit, just like I did. It is a learned behavior, I assure you.  But if you put forth the effort to make it a habit, it pays off in so many ways, not just for you alone, but your family and the collective consciousness of the entire planet!!! There is so much information online, there is the movie The Secret, Randy Gage is a personally HUGE inspiration and I can't fail to mention Esther Hicks. The information is out there in abundance for you to find. You Tube is also a wonderful source.

   "So, where does Aromatherapy come in to all this again?" Ah, yes, the exciting topic I spoke of at the top of the page. Yes, we are getting to the essentials of the subject. My massage oil base is blended by myself, using apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil. I picked these because they are WONDERFUL for your skin as they absorb very deeply, condition your skin and you aren't left with the overly greasy feeling that can be experienced with other oils. Then, you pick the Aromatherapy that best suites your needs. Is it cooling and soothing for sore muscles you desire? Then Rosemary and Eucalyptus would be perfect to penetrate deep into those sore spots. But if you want something a little more...

   These Aromatherapy Oils that I designed not only please the senses but they have that extra attention to detail that makes this specific to my practice. My oil blends are designed to vibrate with certain frequencies to help put you in a similar vibration with what you truly desire from life.
Here are my blends:

Love and Spiritual Strength~ The name is pretty self explanatory. This is my most popular and requested fragrance. The flower essences that I chose for this blend are to raise your vibration to that of Love, Protection, Purification, Psychic Powers, Healing and Peace.

Julia Dream~ Inspired by a friend of mine, named Julia, the flower essences that make up this oil blend were brought together to enhance your vibration to that of Love, Prosperity, Protection and heightened Psychic Powers. Don't let that scare you away. Psychic powers can be those gut feelings you have had over the years to take risks or to avoid danger. If it's naturally in you, embrace it!

Passion Pie~ This is quite a powerful concoction as it promotes not only Love and Prosperity but it also attracts New Loves into your life as well as stimulating Mental Powers.

Vanilla~ Love, Mental Powers, Attracting a New Love

Mint~ Money, Healing, Travel and Protection

Eucalyptus~ Healing, Protection

Patchouly~ Money, Fertility, finding New Love

Orange~ Love, Divination, Luck and Money 

Lavender~  Love, Purification, Protection and Happiness

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