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1510A HWY 62-65 behind Blue Moon Motors
Lunar Lady accepts HSA and FSA cards. Book your appointment online with your health benefits savings account. If you have difficulties, contact your card provider to let them know you company approves wellness care.


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Lunar Lady goes back to school
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    In the fall semester of 2016, I will be returning to school. As you know, I love to learn and I am very excited about this new adventure.  My goal is to obtain a Masters Degree in Psychology and then a PHD in Psychotrauma. I believe with this education in addition to the knowledge I already posses, I can help my clients achieve a better state of health and comfort by a WHOLE-istic approach; body, mind and spirit.  My goal is to pay for college as I go so I may graduate debt free. If you would like to help, please click the GoFundMe picture below. Thank you!


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