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   Hello, beloved Lunar Lady Clients! I have moved locations again and I know you will love the new office. I always enjoy a fresh space to renew my energy; a rearrangement of the proverbial living room of my career. I am excited about the fact that there is no internet at the new space as I will be regularly motivated to pick up a book, however, I will only be able to accept cash or checks at the office.
    My new office is located at 1330 E Cherry, Suite 203.
   Package deals can still be bought through this website with paypal. Otherwise, all in-person transactions will be cash or check only.
  Did you know I have a cancellation policy? I do and you can check it out HERE. Please look it over before your first visit. I look forward to working together to meet your health and wellness goals!


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Lunar Lady goes back to school
and YOU can help!

    In the fall semester of 2016, I will be returning to school. As you know, I love to learn and I am very excited about this new adventure.  My goal is to obtain a Masters Degree in Psychology and then a PHD in Psychotrauma. I believe with this education in addition to the knowledge I already posses, I can help my clients achieve a better state of health and comfort by a WHOLE-istic approach; body, mind and spirit.  My goal is to pay for college as I go so I may graduate debt free. If you would like to help, please click the GoFundMe picture below. Thank you!


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