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Now offering Handmade Soaps, Lotion Bars, and Wax Tarts in addition to the products you already love

Now you can enjoy handmade soaps from Lunar Lady.
Check the list below to find your favorite.
Soaps marked with ** are organic.
All are vegan unless marked as goat's milk.
You can shop at our location or easily order here, online!
One Bar of Soap


3 Bars of Soap
6 Bars of Soap
Lunar Lady Lip Balm
Lunar Lady Face Cream $25.00

These .35 oz Lotion Bars are solid lotion containing no water, glycol or similar products found in liquid lotion.

With less mess, less is needed.


Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Fragrance and/or Essential Oil

*All options are All Natural


Fragrance Options

These Wax Tarts are a

very strong, beautifully fragrant alternative to

candle burning.

My wax is GMO FREE Vegetable wax and you won't find petroleum or

 GMO Soybean Oil

(soy wax) here.

 Safely enjoy!

$1.00 each

*Prices do not include sales tax or shipping*

*These products are non refundable.*